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Organization: VendorNet
Publish Dates: 7/28/2020 through 8/17/2020
Category: Procurement County:
Sub Category: Request for Bid Municipality:
Region: Entire State Status: Archived
Wisconsin State Park Stickers
NOTICE: 08/11/2020 Answers to all questions that have been raised for this bid, have been emailed out and posted to the Supporting Documents. I have extended the bid until August 17, 2020 2:00 PM I hope to have the award by August 24th, 2020 or before. We will be requiring the winning bidder to send a minimum of 500 of the Loose Backing stickers to us for testing the product to go through the machine.. We hope by mid to late September we would have everything possibly set in place and ready to run for a October 27th delivery Robin Re-bid - Five state park stickers: 300,000 resident sticker 9400-184, 80,000 nonresident sticker 9400-224, 90,000 reduced rate sticker 9400-454, 60,000 conservation patron sticker 9400-511 and 120,000 senior sticker 9400-590. Send sample swatch of fade resistant ink colors available for this sticker printing. Pressure sensitive window stickers for inside windshield application. To be viewed from outside vehicle. Must remain affixed one year without fading. Please give quotes for Stickers 50% of the stickers loose and 50% in booklets. The loose option should have a larger size backing: The backing of the loose sticker should be a size of at least 3x7. This is to allow for the automated machines DOA is using to fulfill sticker orders. Product will be inserted into 4 1/8 x 9 1/2" (#10) double window envelopes with other materials. Inserted by Bell & Howell 750 & 825 with high capacity top sheet feeders, and Pitney Bowes Flowmaster Model FPS12F with high capacity bottom sheet friction feeder. Label sheets must remain flat and have no adhesive ooze or lift of edges that would interfere with inserting.
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